What people are saying...

"Your workshop taught me how to ensure 100% participation, how to manage challenging participants, how to encourage multiple discussions and, most importantly, how to receive constructive criticism. Your session was well worth my time!"
- Penney R. Towers, Office of the City Manager, City of Las Vegas

"This training builds effective tools and skills that can be used in any team setting. I'm better able to drill down to the important issues. I highly recommend this workshop."
- Debra March, Councilwoman, City of Henderson

"Ruth taught key skills that will forever change my meeting participation and leadership style."
 - Dr. Allen Alexander, ZymoGenetics, Inc., Seattle, WA

"Your program was absolutely terrific... both the content AND the delivery! Thanks again."
- Peter Reilly, Former Negotiation Training Director, Saltman Dispute Resolution Center, UNLV Boyd School of Law

"I feel more confident in my ability to facilitate even the most difficult meetings. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone."
- Barbara A. Geach, Neighborhood Relations Manager,  City of Henderson, NV



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