The Power of The Five Generations in the Workforce

The Power of The Five Generations in the Workforce focuses on appreciating the different generations in your work environment and understanding their needs, work styles and strengths. This hands-on dynamic training concentrates primarily on relationships with co-workers, but it will also provide insights that can help you serve clients better.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Identify some of the red flags associated with generational conflicts

  • Understand the traits of each generation and how each generation impacts the workplace

  • Gain insights about ourselves, each other, and the people we serve, which will help improve internal and external customer service

  • Discover how communication can be improved

  • Better understand the meaning of respect for each generation

  • Experience what the generations have in common and their major differences in order to develop stronger working relationships

  • New appreciation will be gained about each generation's contribution to the work environment

  • Managers, supervisors and employees leave clearly knowing how to develop a more respectful workplace, and how to increase understanding and appreciation for each other

This promises to be a fun and worthwhile educational experience.


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