Personality Type Training

Ever wonder why people do the things they do?
Do you find some people challenging to work with, be they colleagues or clients, and wish you had the skills to understand them and better work with them?
Want to learn how to work better with co-workers or people you manage?

Many organizations have found that the more people know about their own personality preferences and challenges the better they work with others, including their mangers, co-workers, and customers and the better they perform. This helps organizations function better, improves morale, enhances employee retention, and boosts the bottom line.

The Urban Group’s personality type training is focused around The PEOPLE Process® instrument, which is a fast and accurate way to determine personality type. Each workshop is customized to your group, and depending on the length of the workshop there are a lot of possible positive outcomes including team building and creative problem solving using the power of the different personality types.

The PEOPLE Process® is a great tool to help team members understand themselves and their teammates better and serves as an important vehicle to begin deep discussions in groups, including those with conflict and tension. The Urban Group’s clients love this training because it provides a practical "take-away" that they can share with the significant people in their lives.

To learn more about this fun, practical and interactive training, contact The Urban Group.


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