Dispute Resolution and Mediation  

Most disagreements can be resolved once people begin talking to each other. Yet, millions of dollars are spent every year on needless litigation that clogs up the courts and takes an emotional toll on all the parties involved in these matters. Many disputes are born from a simple misunderstanding or a difference of opinion that has escalated out of control. Communication has broken down and both parties are angry, distrusting, and feel dis-respected.

These kinds of disputes happen between family members, co-workers, friends, neighbors, and between consumers and service or product providers. In the workplace, these kinds of disputes cost employers millions of dollars in lost  productivity and often involve other employees who have taken sides.

Mediation is a conflict resolution process that is proven effective in resolving a variety of disputes quickly. It saves parties time and money. Because they are the ones who resolve the dispute they are most often very satisfied with the outcome, which they consider a win-win.

Ruth is a well-trained neutral mediator, who is skilled in helping parties identify their interests and separate those interests from their positions in the mediation process. Communication is improved between the parties and relationships are preserved, which is especially helpful when the parties, such as co-workers, have to maintain an ongoing relationship.

Ruth Urban brings more than 20 years of mediation experience to the table. She has received extensive training in family mediation, interest based mediation and transformative mediation. She has served on the mediation panel for the United States Postal Service, the State Bar of Nevada Fee Dispute Committee and developed and implemented two mediation programs in Clark County, one for the Eighth Judicial District Court and another for the Neighborhood Justice Center.

Ruth's favorite quote below is what she believes is the power that occurs in mediation:

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